As a result of coaching with Clare I have achieved many practical things, getting back in the gym, setting up my own coaching group and putting down boundaries in my business. Although these things were very important to me, by far the most impactful learning I have gained through this partnership, is the ability to show my vulnerability. I had been living my life as if I had to to everything on my own and very seldom asked for support, this resulted in unecessary overwhelm and burnout. I now ask for help and am gradually feeling more comfortable with showing vulnerability and as a result facing more of my fears. Clare has a great knack of cutting through the elaborate and interesting story I had created and getting right to the truth. Her direct and challenging approach with me has proved to be invaluable, she somehow knows how to untap the bit that I have been putting off facing. She created an environment in which I could be open and honest and it was a pleasure to work with her. Bianca Boyce


Clare, thank you for helping me out with my confidence. I am looking at doing a gig in a month’s time. Having coaching with you made me realise if I don’t believe I am good at singing and playing the guitar other people will doubt me too. Thank you for helping me, as I wouldn’t be doing the gig if it wasn’t for the coaching that you gave me regarding my confidence of being able to perform in front of an audience other than my family. Teide Bryce


Clare has been an incredible support in the sessions that we had together. Her coaching style is warm, friendly, energetic and positive which helped me to feel inspired and motivated to pass my theory driving licence test and to run an interior design project for my home. I passed my theory exam on the first try and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her help, as I was procrastinating over this for more than a year. Paola Miani Macedo


Clare’s coaching has made a big difference to the progress I have made on a number of my goals. She is a supportive, encouraging coach who is fantastically positive and I felt was always on my side as I took steps towards achieving what I wanted. Clare has a very natural, engaging manner that meant I felt comfortable being open and honest with her from the very start of our coaching relationship. Clare is insightful, challenging and upbeat – all crucial qualities of a good coach, in my opinion. Simon Rutter


Coaching with Clare has given me more confidence; I feel more motivated to achieve my goals and I have become a much happier person. Ramona Lungu


I found coaching by Clare very beneficial. Clare has supported me throughout the coaching process in terms of becoming more organised in my life and stop procrastinating. Being employed full time as well as having family responsibilities it was easy for me to simply procrastinate and wait for the right time to come for me to achieve my goals and the right time was not coming. I thought I knew all the barriers that affected my progress. However, Clare helped me to identify that some of the barriers were not as bad as I perceived them to be and she also helped me to find ways to overcome them. During the sessions I found that I had been procrastinating in other important areas of my life, such as doing Yoga, which has a significant effect in my life and has helped me to mentally move on in my life. Valbona Mejzini


I found Clare to be a very competent coach and I really enjoyed our sessions. Clare helped me to get back into a regular exercise routine which I’m really grateful for. Louise Dockery


When I first met Clare she made me feel at ease and she went out of her way to ensure I was comfortable with the process and it felt like we had known each other for a lot longer than we actually had. Clare helped me to find solutions and the way forward during each of one of our sessions. Most significantly to me, through Clare’s coaching, I’ve met a life changing goal that I’ve been trying to achieve for a very long time, which I will always be very appreciative to her for. Stuart Betteridge


Clare was an empathic coach. She was always in tune with my thinking and emotional well-being and was always able to set the right tone and pitch questions to help me make progress with my goals. Clare helped me to see clearly, gain insight into what was important and this kept me committed and motivated to succeed. Victoria Gallagher


I started working with Clare to sort out several areas of my life that were not as I wanted them to be. Clare was really good at ensuring I was clear about my goals and why I wanted them. She was gently challenging and drew out of me all kinds of ideas that I would not have come up with on my own. Clare helped me to recognise my strengths and what my best motivators were, and as a result, I am happy to say that I have moved forward on all the areas that I discussed with Clare. Sally Ryan

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