Moving from a Worrier to a Warrior Workshop

Helping you to break free from the
shackles of your mind to live a
free and fulfilling life

Do you find yourself constantly caught up in a whirlpool of negative thinking that gnaws away at you throughout your day? Are you kept awake at night worrying incessantly about what might or might not happen? Have you found yourself starting your day with a sense of heaviness in your chest and a feeling of anxiety that just refuses to go away? You are not alone!

With the hectic pace of today’s 24 hour lifestyle and the never-ending list of demands being placed upon us, it’s no wonder that we are struggling to let go of those worrying thoughts. Worry is a very natural human emotion and is healthy when used correctly, as it acts as an early warning system to let us know that we need to address something that isn’t necessarily serving us in the best way possible.

The old version of me was a self-confessed people pleaser. I know only too well about the trials and tribulations that came with holding onto that title. I would consistently worry if I had upset someone, if I was good enough, if I was smart enough, the list went on. Until I made the decision that enough was enough and that I deserved a better life.

This is why I designed this workshop to help you overcome the challenges that I used to face.

  • I will share with you my top tips and techniques that will help you to create a healthier lifestyle so you can move from being a ‘worrier to a warrior.’
  • You will understand the power of language and the impact it has on both your mind and behaviour.
  • You will also learn how to become bullet proof to destructive rather than constructive criticism whilst taming your self-critical demon.

Join me Clare Christopher, SoulSupervision – Confidence and Empowerment Coach at this life-changing ‘Moving from a Worrier to a Warrior’ workshop. I very much look forward to meeting you in person.

Date & Time: Saturday, 24th June2017 – 1000-1300

Venue: Jurys Inn Croydon, Wellesley Road, Croydon, CR0 9XY

Ticket Price: Admission for 1 person £25
Admission for 2 people £45 (limited number of tickets available at this price)

Ticket Investment Includes: Workshop and Refreshments.

Registration: Starts at 0930.

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