clare-christopher-lifecoachWhen I was at school, I would never have been remembered for my sporting achievements so it might have been seen as a little strange that at the age of 18 I would become infatuated with health and fitness.  I loved going to the gym, so much so that I was asked if I wanted to train as a fitness instructor – ‘sure why not’, I even gained the title of little miss confidence by the trainers, but the bright lights of the corporate world beckoned and that’s where I turned my attention, although exercise has continued to play a big role throughout my life, as I recognise the importance of having a healthy body and a healthy mind if you want to be able to function at your very best.

I then spent 27 years working as an Executive Assistant, supporting senior board members, within the very highly pressurised environment of investment banking and asset management, where showing your vulnerability was a complete no-no as it was seen as a sign of weakness, but I now acknowledge that it is a vital strength which needs to be fully embraced.  It was during that time that I embarked on my own personal development journey.  I started learning different techniques and skills that I could use that would give me better coping strategies to overcome the stress and anxiety and avoid burnout.

It was at the time of my mum’s passing from cancer that I was also made redundant, and it was a real wake up call for me as the loss of a loved one can really make you step back and reassess your life.  I thought about all the dreams I had put on hold waiting for the right time, the missed opportunities and how easy it is to let things slip through your fingers and pass you by.  So, I started thinking about all the things that I loved to do.  I have always had a passionate interest in helping others.  People would gravitate to me, tell me their issues, not only small issues, but large issues such as sexual abuse, personal relationships and concerns about work.  I was the go-to person who wouldn’t judge, people knew that they could trust me when they confided in me.

It’s true what they say, that we don’t always recognise the strengths and skills we have as being a unique gift.  It took several of my friends to point out to me that I would make a great Life Coach, as identifying people’s greatness came as second nature to me.  I owe them a lot of gratitude for their wisdom and insight, as their advice helped me to pursue my life’s purpose and I embarked on training with the Coaching Academy, qualifying with a distinction in July 2016.

I help my clients to acknowledge and take ownership of their innate power, so that they can become confident leaders.  I recognise where people are playing it small and create the space for them to play out bigger than they could have ever dared to dream possible.  By opening up their world and their imagination so that they can build a life based upon their own vision and their own legacy that they want to leave behind in the world.

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